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Browns Board NCAA Tourney Battle


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Annual Browns Board Bracket Battle!




If you were in last year, you should have received an invite.


If not, here is a link: https://yho.com/tourney?g=55144&k=0ba1a4e62a5c72a7&soc_trk=lnk


Password = beer


Join Browns Board History as one of the champions:



2007 DakotaPhx


2009 T. Couch

2010 Beanpot

2013 Greg

2014 MLD Woody

2015 Jeff (F Tucky)


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Tuned in last nite just in time to see the frantic end of Texas at the hands of Northern Iowa...


First, half-court miracle of the tourney...

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Damn... was hoping SFA would be the Cinderella.


I look forward to seeing Deer Park, TX product, Thomas Walkup in the NBA.

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Not sure what committee ranks these teams all season, but throw out the competition levels, cause your doing it wrong. Big schools pay the bills, but none of these little schools could care less.. They Compete..

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There's an error on the sign up button. If you can give a direct link to the sign up page I'll join tonight. Meanwhile I'm putting on my happy face and going to work to babysit grown adults who act like children.




Not sure if that is any better.


ESPN Tournament Challenge Second Chance

League ID ... 23970

Group name ...Dunk City 2nd Chance Danz

Password beer

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once again, that damn Tom Izio & that damn cursed state to the North. Talent in all sports teams & can't win with it.. Sooners Vs Nova should be fun

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK ... so I forgot about this.


The worst I ever did, I lost interest early and often.


But Loved Nova winning it.


And our winner is .... Beanpot!


Because he correctly predicted ... Kansas?


Pretty weak showing Brownsboarders ... we'll get 'em next year.


And Congrats to Beanpot who adds yet another trophy to his mantle (going to need a bigger mantle) and all who finished in the Top 16.


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