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DOJ confirms, a rifle from Obamao's "Fast and Furious" found at el chapo's hideout


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obamao and his little brownshirt holder armed the drug cartels.





and it was all about incriminating American gun owners, and

forcing support to attack our 2nd Amendment.


but it blew up in their faces.

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Where is Iran. On our southern border?


Obamao blamed mexican drug violence on..... Americans with guns.


That's why they did fast and furious so efficiently for the cartels.


Iran contra was about freeing the hostages, the only way it would ever happen...

and part of the funds were diverted to fund anti-communist and anti-sandista gov



It isn't the same thing, because nobody was blaming the violence in Iran or Nicaragua on American gun owners.


and it was not arming drug cartels just off our border... and blaming us American gun owners for those

weapons THEY deliberately gave to the drug cartels.


There is no legit comparison there.

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