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The Browns should be community owned like the Packers.


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Can't happen... sale to public ownership is against league by-laws.


Packers were grandfathered in...

Yes, the NFL decided to institutionalize greed and blackmail. They want a greedy owner who can blackmail cities by threatening to move their team for more lucrative stadium deals if a city cannot give them more, more, more.. You can't blackmail a city if that city owns the team.

The NFL literally has been encouraging the Rams to leave St. Louis, the Chargers to leave SD and the Raiders to leave Oakland. They want that leverage.

And to me, this is one reason you don't want a Donald Trump running things.....everything will be greed, greed, greed with him.

Had he not coerced the other USFL owners to litigate vs. the NFL, rather than trying to compete with them by playing in their own markets, a lot of this franchise movement BS would have not happened. St. Louis Cardinals would not have moved to Arizona, because had a USFL merger happened, the Arizona Wranglers would have been there. No Cards to AZ, no Rams to St. L., no Rams back to LA. The Baltimore Stars would have been in that town...no attempt to move the Browns would have been made. The LA Express would have been in LA and it would not have been an open market for the Raiders to jump back and forth. The Jacksonville Bulls instead of the Jacksonville Jags would have been there.

Portland would have had a team: the Breakers. Birmingham would have had a team: The Stallions. Tennessee would have had a team: the Memphis Showboats (no Oilers move from Houston) San Antonio would have had a team: Gunslingers.

Some duplicate teams would have probably had to go by the wayside, teams in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Pittsburgh etc. or be moved. The Michigan Panthers could have moved to Charlotte. Oddly, Charlotte is the one town that got a team later from the NFL that the USFL never went into.

I mean, this guy wanted to later buy the Buffalo Bills but was pretty summarily rejected.....perhaps lingering resentment from the litigation? Or, more likely, they didn't trust his business acumen (though I would have thought they would have been sympatico with his desire for greed)

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