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The Last Bus Ride


She was a single mom. She lived in the city with her baby son. She was hard working, and after a long time, her son worked hard also without her knowing and yes, this is where the story begins....


He was late from school. He was making good grades so she didn't mind that much. She would ask of his whereabouts but he said he didn't have time for friends. She thought it just was a girlfriend he was shy about.


One day she took the garbage out to the dumpster and noticed behind it some new tee shirts and new men's shoes tucked in a bag. It was none of her business so she didn't bring it up in conversation at home.


Time goes on, it's winter. She has to make the usual trek to the bus stop for a trip to work.


The driver which shes known for years refuses to let her on the bus, he tells her she is no longer going to ride. She is appalled as the driver gives her no excuse but a smile. The driver says..."your last bus ride was yesterday!"


She is very mad at this point.


The bus drives away with the usual riders looking at her waving and smiling. At this point she is steaming angry.


A car pulls up with a familiar voice and says .."hey you need a ride?"


It was her son in a beat up car.


He says..."hey it's your birthday, I've been working without you knowing and I'm sorry I lied to you a couple of times. But it wouldn't have been a surprise if I told you".


Happy birthday Mama!

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Yes he bought a car so she wouldn't have to ride the bus. Everybody knew except her sorry about the confusion. The story is choppy to move the story along. I know peeps don't want to read a huge post so I simple it down. But however if interested I can post one of my stories that isn't so condensed.

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