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Obama pushing TPP despite opposition from presidential candidates


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Clinton Will Support TPP After Election - Truthout


In an interview from Davos with Bloomberg TV on January 20, Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue - a top lobbyist for the pro-corporate-power Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement - assured viewers that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, she will support the TPP, even though she opposes it now.





Clinton friend McAuliffe says Clinton will flip on TPP, then walks it back



PHILADELPHIA -- Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, longtime best friend to the Clintons, said Tuesday that he believes Hillary Clinton will support the TPP trade deal if elected president, with some tweaks.

“I worry that if we don’t do TPP, at some point China’s going to break the rules -- but Hillary understands this,” he said in an interview after his speech on the main stage at the Democratic National Convention. “Once the election’s over, and we sit down on trade, people understand a couple things we want to fix on it but going forward we got to build a global economy.”



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