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corrupt obamao federalizing more city police forces


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why do you always have to be an ignorant asswhole?


"Federal requirements include how searches are conducted, what constitutes legitimate use of force"


and also consider how obamao's IRS targeted conversatives. And how his FBI refuses

to prosecute a democrat, and how his state dept is off the wall corrupt. and how his

ICE is making border patrol agents release repeatedly entered illegals after repeated crimes.


and how his state dept head, higgardly, is protected after lies, more lies, and more lies,

and that is after obamao and higgardly let U.S. gov employees die because they wouldn't

take a political hit on a rescue. and now, after Obamao said he needed his OWN SECURITY FORCE, ... he's taking over police depts.


Learn to think before you stupidly knee jerk. Being an ignorant smartass asswhole isn't

much to brag about.

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Now, give us all one legit reason why obamao would never politicize

that federal control over police depts in cities.


Now, btw, aren't you the dingbat that flat out determined

that obamao was not a marxist?


That's a major emotional embarrassing knee jerk on your part.



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That article was a whole lot of nothing sabdwiched between scary words and speculation.


It emotionally played you like a fiddle.




I also like the graph showing violent crime has gone down. Crazy talk. I learned at the RNC that's only theoretically correct, because I feel like it's worse.

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