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If you have Aetna insurance, I do.... read this


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we told the libs about it. They don't care, they just went with the emotional demowhackic tide.


and now, it's a worse disaster.



My wife's insurance used to be top notch until Obamacare came around. It was offered for free through her employer (a private Catholic hospital) and we both had surgeries (appendix and a gallbladder removal) that cost us nothing. We didn't have to pay if it went over a certain amount etc. After Obamacare, they could no longer afford to do it for the employees.

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First, cal, Medicare supplements are only a good option until home care is required. I know this from experience with my Mom. Once home visits are needed, direct Medicare is the best option.


Second, your linked article only says Aetna has cancelled expansion plans and is reviewing its current coverage areas (states). Also mentions "other majors" having been driven out, but doesn't bother to list them. I know of one, United Health, that pulled it's participation in the Obamacare exchanges... they weren't losing money in the Obamacare segment, their rate of return simply wasn't up to the level of their private policy segments.


Did you know that if Obamacare is the source of Aetna's losses, then they can simply pull out of the exchanges? Not nearly as sexy a headline is it?

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well, I don't understand the med insurance stuff, so...


but if they have a loss, and they pull out of the exchanges...


doesn't there exist penalites from Obamaocare?


Or, in the least, does it make it harder for them to

comply with all the interference from Obamaocare laws?


it's a clusterfook. My supplemental pays what Medicare doesn't.


I had my new awesome knee surgery, and I had to pay...


156 dollars deductable. I don't know if they pull out of the exchanges..

if their premiums go up hugely for everybody...


beats me.

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Unless you are paying a premium for your Aetna Advantage plan somewhere along the way they will deny a coverage Medicare would have allowed... bank on it.


I put Mom in a "free" Humana advantage plan that as best I could judge was at least the equal of Medicare. But once Home care came into the picture Humana was far more restrictive than Medicare. For profit insurers are in the business of denying claims



The only penalty Insurers pay if they chose not to participate in "exchanges", be they state or federal, is the loss of access to Medicaid compensation for administering their participation.... i.e., no play, no pay...


It was always believed that the earliest years of Obamacare were going to bring the highest payouts/ lowest profits. Clearly the case since the previously "uninsurable" due to pre-existing conditions including inability to afford premiums were a large share of the influx. Folks who had been deferring care for perhaps years were going to cost more.


This cost spike should abate with time as preventative care takes hold. Hopefully companies who either bailed or chose to never join during the "bad times" will not be allowed to participate once outlays normalize.

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I avoided Humana. Got some excellent advice from different sources...


don't have the advantage plan, was advised against it. Made sense, I

just don't remember why.


Well, it only made sense the third time I heard it, because my Wifie



I love the coverage I have now. Plan f... or g... don't remember.


I just don't want it screwed up by racistasswholesombeitchcare.

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