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Best Ethnic food

The Cysko Kid

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Love a bit of indian, but because of the mass immigration from India to the UK in the 40s-60s 'british indian' food is a wholly separate thing from actual indian food.


Thai is probably my favourite 'new' ethnic food, I make a lot of it at home.


Does italian count? If so that's way ahead of everything else. Lasagne is just amazing.


Then of course chinese is usually excellent. I was at a restaurant on friday and had some of the best roast duck in the world (according to many reviews), absolutely amazing.


And I guess for me, 'american' counts as ethnic, so I'll put that up there. Love a good smoky bbq.



Some lesser known stuff, middle eastern grilled meat is really great, particularly lamb, either shish or kofta; indonesia/malay food is kind of a mix of the beef/spice curries from the middle east and india with the coconut/lemongrass curries of northern indochina, by way of the spread of islam. Highly recommend a beef rendang. Alpine comfort food always goes down well, whether it's fondue or raclette, as long as there is melted cheese, meat, and wine, it's all good. Outside of sushi and beni hana, japan also has some great food. Finally, maybe it's better known to you guys over there, but brazilian rodizio is just insane.

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I'm on a bit of a mission to find the best burger around central london these days. Most of them focus too much on making the patty as big as possible, adding weird things like today I had 'tobacco onions', and insisting on making everything spicy all the time for some reason.

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I think some of you guys are really missing the boat on this thread. You can make your own thread if you like: random things that I find tasty

OK, Don't like Indian. NOt sure about Thai, haven't had enough but I here it is always pretty hot and spicy.

I do like Italian, Mexican, Chinese most German, some Greek, some Japanese.

Pretty much hate all Middle Eastern food.

I have had Peruvian, and liked what I had. My niece makes that and some Central American dishes, which can be spicy but are also good.

I like beets but not borscht.


There is actually the best Hungarian/Eastern European restaurant in Northeast Ohio just a block and a half from my office here. It gets like 4.9 and 4.8 on a 5 ranking. Good, good stuff....but, it is only open for lunch, and the food, while great, is usually too heavy for lunch. I wish they would open for dinner.

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Not a fan of Indian food. I don't like curry spice.


Now give me an authentic Greek gyro, and I'm good to go

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I love pretty much all ethnic food, Maybe sushi a bit less than the rest.

Went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas, a Turkish restaurant in Columbus Ohio, a Russian restaurant in Dublin Ireland, an old-style Celtic restaurant in Killarney and Cajun restaurants in Texas and Louisiana.


Indian food is great by the way.


Speaking of ethnic has anybody been to Corky and Lenny's Deli?

Akron area used to have Lou and Hys and Mickey and Moes, both excellent kosher New York style restaurants, but they are gone.




(not to mention hundreds of Italian Chinese BBQ soul food Amish & Steak houses all across this great land of ours)

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