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Browns Trade with Buffalo?


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Bills Exploring A Trade To Land Andre Smith

Posted by Aaron Wilson on April 24, 2009, 12:37 p.m. EDT


In the wake of trading Pro Bowl left offensive tackle Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Buffalo Bills are contemplating moving up from the No. 11 spot to try to acquire Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith, according to Adam Caplan of Scout.com.


To do so, the Bills would likely need to work a deal to leapfrog the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are reportedly very interested in the Outland Trophy award winner, too.


Smith, who has drawn heavy criticism for the way he has mishandled the draft process, remains a strong prospect based on his size, body of work against top competition and his potential upside if he matures.


There’s also a fair amount of risk involved with Smith, too, given his weight issues and questionable litany of decisions.


Smith drew increased scrutiny when he abruptly left the NFL Scouting Combine early without informing league and combine officials.


“I’m convinced and I think that most of the NFL is convinced that what we saw from Andre Smith at the combine was more about immaturity than about him being a bad kid,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said during a conference call. “And he needs to grow up a little bit and take things a little bit more seriously and stay in shape.”


is there any chance they could trade with us leaving us to take rey at 11? i think it would be great because we would save millions to pull this trade off.

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I think this is a win-win situation for the Browns. They get an extra pick and won't have to pay a guy at #5 a bunch of money that and can probably get the same guy at #11. I'd take a 1st and 3rd.


Now, if Wash or the Jets are willing to give me more if Sanchez is there, I'd have weigh their offers ahead of the Bills.

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This would be a perfect spot to snag Rey! I really want to see him as a brown, Im sick of seeing baltimores murderers row at LB. We need aggressiveness Rey and Moore are 2 of the most aggressive playrs in this draft and Im betting that we snag both of them. Maualuga & Moore is a hard hitting duo

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I'm not familiar with the Bills, but if they just traded a good LT for a late first rounder, why would they give up a 1st and 3rd to pay top 5 money for a rookie LT with issues?



It sounds as if a lot of the FO's may be discounting a lot of the things we heard about Smith around the time of the Combine.

I've read numerous places where they are chalking it up to mostly a maturity issue and not a character issue.

I saw someone talking on ESPN recently that said while the media made a big thing of Smith's 40 at his pro day it really wasn't a big deal to NFL teams.

This is why we've seen him creeping back up the draft boards. After the combine there were some saying he'd fall out of the first round. Today they are saying he could go as high as 3rd overall.

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