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Many Thanks For the BEST Pre-Draft Info Ever!!!


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In all the years I've been on the message board, this is easily the BEST it's ever been in terms of gathering pre-draft info, bringing it here and defending it when necessary. Countless great discussions and debates followed. There isn't a better place to talk football. I thank everyone for their contributions in keeping me as informed as I want to be and helping me to overcome my phobia of speaking up. I'd especially like to give a 2 thumbs up to Aloy for all the videos, scouting reports and expertise he's blessed us with. You Da Man!!!


It's been a FUN ride up to the draft. I hope everyone enjoys the draft and we get the types of players that will turn us around.


As you were,

- Tom F.

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Could not agree more!


Will the Tavern be open this afternoon??



I'll try to be back home before the draft starts but I've got a little league game (actually my son has a game, I'm just watching) but as soon as I get home I'll be on here and wouldn't mind opening up the doors to the old tavern this afternoon. It's been closed up awhile and it might smell funny but I think we could get past that...

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