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Google manipulating info

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back in the day, Watergate was an attempt to get information to sway an election,

most Americans were disgusted. The left went BERSERK.


now, the left is worse across the country, as a mass liberal movement. It's the technology

that is being used in this case, on a grand national scale, to emotionally manipulate

voting trends of America as a whole.


Very dangerous. That's how the really wrong, corrupt people are put into office..

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historical precedents


“One of psychiatry’s leading figures, Richard von Krafft -Ebing, added to his list of varieties of mental disorders ‘political and reformatory insanity’ - meaning any inclination to form a different opinion from that of the masses,” the trio of researchers stated.
"One of the leading and articulate authorities behind the rationale for this act was Dr. Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist who in 1930 had traveled to Washington, D.C., to present a paper called “The Importance of Eugenics and Genetics in Mental Hygiene.” It was well received by those present as many Americans, especially among the globalists, had come to embrace the racist and elitist views of the German philosophers."
"Nazi interest in science and psychological warfare was paralleled by their concern with eugenics, the scientific study of selective breeding to improve the human population. The term “eugenics” was coined in the late 1800s by Francis Galton, a British psychologist and half- cousin of Darwin’s, who wanted to extend the theory of natural selection into deliberate social engineering.
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I'm not too satisfied with Google over what they've been doing lately - manipulating information to fit their agenda.


That being said, I still support google in many ways because I love a lot of the other stuff they do - Android, they contribute a ton in the open source world, have a bunch of free/open projects that are beautiful to work with.


Though it's probably about time to switch to firefox and duckduckgo

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Anyone want to save me 7 minutes and explain this transgression?

Google searches are set up that say you type in "cleveland br" it should autocomplete to "Cleveland browns". If you check search trends on Google it gives a metric for the regularity of a search which should be reflected in the autocomplete.


Any Hillary related search for say "Hillary ind" should end in "..indictment" around the time of the email investigation. However, "Hillary India" would show up even though it had only been searched for 8 times during that time period. Bing and Yahoo reflected the uptrend in searches. But anything that could be contrued as negative in a google search had been changed not to match the search trends.


During the same time, "trump ra.." and "bernie soc..." would autocomplete to the most obvious searched terms for those candidates.

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Thanks Logic...


For the record, I agree, Goggle should keep it's thumbs off the scale... but...


Just typed in "hillary ind" and suggestions that came up were two of cal's threads, followed by "hillary indictment"... I figure the threads were in my browser history and this thread was open in another tab.


Hit the return and top link was to her campaign website (a paid ad), but was followed by a slew of "Goggle manipulation" story links. One link was to a CNN story (one of those MSM conspirators). It says...


It sounds convincing. But SourceFed's reporting is riddled with holes.

Rhea Drysdale, CEO of search engine optimization company Outspoken Media, said in a Medium post Friday that SourceFed picked and chose misleading examples that appeared to prove its point.

The examples that SourceFed chose are factually incorrect. Hillary Clinton has not been charged with a crime. She has not been indicted. Google (GOOGL, Tech30) knows this, and its algorithm actually filters out inaccurate information in autocomplete.

"Our autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person's name," a Google spokeswoman said. "Google autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause. Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how autocomplete works."

To counter SourceFed's claim, Drysdale showed similar results for Donald Trump, in which "Donald Trump lawsuits" did not show up in autocomplete results when entering "Donald Trump la" into Google. But "Donald Trump laughing" did, despite the fact that far more people are searching about the presumptive Republican nominee's legal battles.

Discovery Communications, which owns SourceFed, did not respond to a request for comment.



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... or someone confused Google with "Hooli"...


Interesting that the Hooli scandal episode aired at the end of May?


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