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Clinton Charitable Donations


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I understand the suspicions, but Pocket? The Clinton Foundation is a registered charitable entity from which they report no income. It's not a savings account.


The bulk of their income is from:

  • Bill's speaking fees as booked through and paid by The Harry Walker Agency (Statement 7 on page 32);
  • HRC's book deal(s) paid by Simon and Schuster (Statement 11 on page 36);
  • HRC's speaking fees... again through Walker Agency (Statement 10 page 35); and
  • Bill's consulting to two education concerns (Statement 9 page 34).

Basically it's pretty long, but pretty bland stuff.



The claims made by Manafort about Foundation donors also being sources of income are true to an extent, but while not chump change to us, total less than 15% of their combined income and it was all Bill's for consulting.


So if there is any "there" anywhere, it ain't here. For that someone needs to pull on the threads at The Walker Agency.


Of course opinions may vary...

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