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Stop mobile "gun free zones"


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Constitutional Carry Reciprocity Gaining Steam

Rep. Marlin Stutzman is the sponsor of H.R. 923, a national reciprocity bill that has more than 100 cosponsors.

This bill would protect the right of concealed carriers to bring firearms with them for self-defense as they travel.

And the bill is Constitutional Carry friendly, in that it does not force concealed carriers from permitless carry states to get licenses before they travel out of state.

More and more Representatives are cosponsoring H.R. 923. The number has doubled over the past several weeks.

It’s imperative that we get even more cosponsors, however, because the House leadership may bring up a reciprocity bill in the Fall.

While there are other similar bills, only H.R. 923 protects citizens who live in Constitutional Carry states.

So please urge Rep. Christopher Smith ® to insist that the leadership bring up H.R. 923. Likewise, urge Sen. Robert Menendez (D) and Sen. Cory Booker (D) to bring up S. 498 for a vote.

Gun-Free Zones are deadly. And denying any person the benefits of carrying firearms for protection relegates him or her to traveling in a “mobile” Gun-Free Zone.

Again, please contact your Representative and Senators on this matter.

It’s important that Congress pass this legislation … so that we can protect the rights of all concealed carriers … and eliminate every victim-disarmament zone in this country.


Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2016/08/help-needed-repeal-mobile-gun-free-zones/#ixzz4HryPOn6i

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Gun free zones are great for pyscos who want an easy killing zone knowing there probably won't be anyone there to fire back....well until the police show up 10 minutes later.


It's still true the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.

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Now that you posted this reminds me of three of the biggest "psycho shoot 'em ups" of all time VT, Aurora and of course Sandy Hook.


Three nut jobs just shot their way in one after murdering his mother and stealing her weapon then shooting his way into a locked school (real easy shot out the glass, kind of noisy right?) and ironically in the heart of the NE gun country. Oh if only one or more adults had a concealed carry....death toll may have been greatly reduced maybe to ONE?


But instead they've become rallying cries for protecting us all.....until the next nut job steps up unopposed.


And the NRA is the only group to have the muscle to try to enforce the laws on the books without the Bloomberg's of the world trying to melt as many guns down as possible into refrigerators. (But the NRA are the bad guys right? Oh yeah. )

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Careful here though. On the surface it doesnt sound bad but what in essence are youndoing? Ur forcing one state to accept the rules and norms of another. That slope would turn icecreal quick. Just off the top of my head i can think of a few things that certain conservative states would not want to be forced to recognize fron other shall we say more liberal states.


In essence ur now asking the federal govt to intervene. When everyone is always whining about states rights. A compeomise to this is if say ohio and texas want to recognize each others ccw folk, than thats between ohio and texas.

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True about states rights on many issues but on this one I'd rather err on having licenced, trained gun owners having the rights going into these "gun free kill zones" that the bad guys are well aware of and can exploit.


.....Gun-Free Zones are deadly. And denying any person the benefits of carrying firearms for protection relegates him or her to traveling in a “mobile” Gun-Free Zone......


For sure not everyone will be happy no matter what is either done or not done. One thing for sure if I'm in a mall or theatre or other mass gathering area and hear gun fire I'll hope like 100% of every other person there that either a cop or other person with a gun (not unarmed security guard) is there to end it....QUICK!

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It's a true point, Cleve. But drivers' licenses are valid in every state you enter.


When we went cross country, my ccw was good in most every state, except Georgia,

which we avoided altogether, Texas (that was a surprise when I found out), and



The federal guidline was, if traveling through a state that doesn't accept it, you have it locked

up in the back of your vehicle. You can stop for gas and restroom, but that's it, unless pulled over.


I equate it to driver's licenses - if you have one, you can drive in every state and it's accepted.

That is different than being a resident of another state.

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Well drivers liscenses are accepted otherwise nobody could travel across state lines without massive red rape, our economy would effectively grind to a halt overnight.


Now about ur point on georgia.....so there are states which recognize ur ohio ccw? Frankly i wasnt aware that any of them did.

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oh, sure. You have to be careful, research and cross reference.


I note there, that Georgia and Texas do honor it now< but Illinois still doesn't?





see, this site has a difference - Virginia.






On our trip, we were in Missouri - Branson. We went to a theater,

and I called the theater and explained where I was from, my ccw, and how

I didn't want to leave it in the hotel room/car. The manager explained in Mo.,

it was fine to have with me, even in his theater, as long as it stayed hidden,

and we both chuckled over the obvious. So, I had it with me in the theater.

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