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wikileaks shows that george soros paid al gore to push mmgw agenda


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this is really disgusting. No wonder algore is rich. He sold his soul to the devil.

No wonder his phoney movie had styrofoam glacier video clip in it.


He was paid to do what he did. MMGW was, and is, a globalist, redistribution of wealth gambit.



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Without even researching it I'm going to bet that Alliance for Climate Protection's "leaks" are from required IRS filings for non-profits.

In general, exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of such returns and applications to individuals who request them.

IRS regulations for non-profits require that the non-profit Such filings would include sources of funds.



Filings should also include salaries of compensated board members, including chairmen, e.g., Al Gore. Interestingly none is reported in the article possibly because he receives none which is common for the vast majority of non-profits. Gore is on record as stating various cash prizes he has been awarded for his leadership in the area of climate change would be donated to the non-profit he started.


But "leaks" sounds a lot more nefarious... add the name "Soros" and there it is... a conspiracy!



Now my only decision is whether to soft-shoe or tap into the sunset...

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George Soros is a cunt, but I side with Tour that this is more of a conspiracy*




The fact he apologized to Hillary for supporting Obama in 2008 because Obama rarely responds to him (IE: Hillary is more controllable than Obama) is very concerning though.





Although Obama has met with the Soros' pretty recently, no one doubts he's controlled too - otherwise he wouldn't push the TPP, but Hillary is much more dangerous.

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Thanks... but not sure I'd say conspiracy... not sophisticated enough to rise to that level.


"Willfully misleading spin" seems slightly shy of covering it, but best I can come up with for now...

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