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more anti-Christian bigotry...by red cross


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in America, no less.




it wasn't any kind of a problem, except for red cross officials who don't want

Christians praying. You can bet they wouldn't stop a Muslim from praying...right?

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Sounds like the Red Cross doesn't want an religious tones to the work that they do. Which I can understand.


This guy is also running for Congress apparently, so posting a video to facebook and getting the publicity will probably help him.



Also, the ad on the side of The Constitution was for the Trump Truck. It said "Are you American enough for the Trump truck? Enter to win." http://thetrumptruck.com/



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A legimate comment ! The trouble is, that they are denying indivivuals religious liberties.

It's one thing for them to not let that policeman pray with them...but not let others pray

by themselves?


That crosses the line into bigotry. Then, they say that they would have let him do it,

but he didn't ask to please do it...


or something like that. ?

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