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An Open Dear John Letter

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I haven't been able to sleep its been such a hurtful time for me and the kids. Johnathon, you gave us false hopes and promises you couldn't keep therefor I must say a final goodbye that is long overdue.


You swept me off me feet. In our college years I fell in deep love with you and admired you where ever you might be; even in Cleveland. Sure I do see the money you might have made but dear, I wanted to see a man that wanted to be great, instead I seen a man too scared to own up to his own problems and watching the people around him fall due to the incompetence of not seeing what really lies in between your fabric. I tried to love you but it was just the thought of having someone like you that drew me towards an eventual heartbreak.



I.was hoping you would finally take me to the dance. But no, you decided to pick your friends instead. I longed to see you run on the field, not dodge questions and hit girls after you slapped me.



Jonathon, I'm sorry I even slept with you because you came too quick then would get up and drink a Loco. I do wish you the best though because now I've decided to run with the brown team, his name is Robert.


Yours not truly now,



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