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"Christ. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Forensic accountant Charles Ortelthe same whistleblower who uncovered financial discrepancies at GE before its stock crashed in 2008has been spending the past 19 months scrutinizing the Clinton Foundation's tax filings, & NOTHING adds up. For instance, they report Norway donated $30 million in their public tax forms...& you go and ask Norway how much they donated, & they say it's $90 million. Where's the other $60 million? It's massive charity fraud. He starts releasing his detailed analysis/reports after Labor Day. One a day for forty days: http://thompsontimeline.com/ortels-40-exhibits/


Check out this page for lists of interviews & exposés from the folks who've been working on this over the past year. It's a bipartisan research team: http://thompsontimeline.com/clinton-foundation-resources/"

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