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Final POST DRAFT Press Conference

Dan in Florida

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Here is the FINAL POST DRAFT Press conference by Mankok:




Enjoy the Videos!


Thanks Dan! I Just watched it over on theclevelandbrowns.com. I LIKE how these guys have stayed true to what they are looking for:

1.) Intelligence - a large percentage of these picks have some type of academic honors

2.) Work Ethic - The LBer we got from USC was like the Steve Tasker of that team. Evidently he drew high praise for his play on STs the last couple of years ASIDE from being the 4th starting LBer drafted from that 3-4.

3) Something to Prove - all these kids they've found are NOT coming here feeling entitled to priviledges and favorable treatment from past achievement. This is the next gear to work ethic. I've always said there's something special about a young player that WANTS to prove he belongs. That's more conducive to upside than a prima donna with a top 5 signing bonus and the football heart fat of a Gerrard Warren. "Show Me the Money" should NEVER come before Showing Us the Football Player.

4) Passion - You get the sense football is in the right priority sequence for all these kids.


I enjoyed hearing what Mangini and Kokinos had to say. The biggest difference between RAC and Mangini as I see it is RAC wanted the GREAT football players like he had in NE. Where as Mangini seems like he embraces the challenge of bringing in promising prospects and molding them into good football players. On a similar note, I once saw Mangini taking an athlete like Troy Brown and coaching him into a position transiton of WR to Cornerback. Come playoff time, they were so ravaged by injuries to the secondary that Troy Brown was the 3rd corner covering the slot on many passing situations. Now THAT is knowing how to coach an athlete into a football player.


Maybe I'm just being a homer but I enjoyed seeing what Mangini and Kokinos did this weekend! Believe it or not, I predicted in that top 10 picks challenege that we'd trade out of #5 because of Sanchez. I just never saw 2 more trades coming and us snagging the BEST Center and 2 starters from the defense of a 10-6 team in round 1. YOWSA!

- Tom F.

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