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OfficialTaigate Thread for the Broncos Party


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Folks, if you have posted elsewhere or emailed us privately, please repeat your intentions here. i'll need to cut off the headcount Wednesday morning for shopping purposes.


Dan, i just dug out your email and see that your group has grown from 6 to 8. That's great news.


See you Thursday night!

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Hey guys, yeah that is correct, we are now a group of 8 coming for Ottawa, Canada.


We would really appreciate it if like last year, you guys could pick us up 24 Budweiser and 24 Bud Light and have them on ice. I'll pay you when we arrive.


We would also need to be fed, so whatever is on your tailgate menu for the day is fine with us. We will generously donate towards that cause when we arrive.


We should be all checked in the hotel and arriving at the new tailgate site at around 4-4:30pm.


See you Thurs night.... we're jacked-up to see Quinns first ever start!


Dan Fallak

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ED, I think my neighbors will be coming down with us as well ... so there will be four in our group this week.


I'm gonna shoot for 4:00-ish .... lol, see ya about 5:30pm

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