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FBI had enough evidence to investigate Clinton foundation but DOJ blocked it


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what's disturbing, is that Clinton small rallies - show people worshipping her ike

the manson family did towards manson.


just very, very strange and sick.

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WSJ is behind paywall so image instead.


Thanks, bb... I've been wanting to read the article.


What's amazing is those thinking there's any there there. I just lack the right filters I guess... or that I cannot recall hearing about the book, Clinton Cash..., until the past 48 hours or so, let alone have read it. I did hear it was turned into a movie. Did WSS review it?



And I'm really trying to fight believing there's even an element within the FBI that is trying to tip the scales, but it's not easy.

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that's also dumb. Comey cancelled the investigation.


Did you think he was trying to make sure higgardly got elected? of course not.


But, let the investigation start up again, and all media and liberal hell breaks loose.


"should have kept quiet"

"Should have waited until after the election"


All rules should be twisted to make liberals happy. Happiness is a powerful emotion - they live for for and via emotions.

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