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The new liberal battle against Real Marriage - Ecosex


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yep. Now jblew can hump a stump or a tree, and by golly, he won't

be alone.


The left can't get too much wierder...


or is there no end in sight?



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I thought it was funny, yet pitiful. If you learn to read, which is impossible for the perverted woodpecker on the board,

it mentions marriage to the environment, and muses about lawsuits to require those "marriages" too.


I posted it, because all too often, it keeps happening. Remember the woman in Britain who

married a bridge?


yeah, dumber and dumber, just like the worthless woodpecker on the board.


It's a real article - I didn't write it. And you libs talk about triggers. Must be some kind of orgasm by

stupid replies by you three. You just can't stop the dumb takes which are just a distraction from the op.

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well, where I would go if it ever would happen, isn't going to be somewhere you

will go to, Cleve.


Sure, SHTF and TEOTWAWKI will "never" happen.


But on a smaller scale, what if a disaster did? Natural? Terrorism (including higgardly having republican

congresspeople .."committing suicide"... or planes carrying them just crashing for no reason...


or a terrorist attack (thanks to Obamao and higgardly)....


Just seems to many, many Americans, that something terrible could happen. Nobody is building a bomb shelter

that I know of. But corruption in our gov is the #1 fear



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