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Hillary visited pedophile island six times.

Pumpkin Eater

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Eric Prince is a known scumbag. This is from march so you can't say this was some quickly put together smear against him. He's under multiple investigations.https://theintercept.com/2016/03/24/blackwater-founder-erik-prince-under-federal-investigation/


When he was running blackwater there was some seriously gay shit going on there. http://wonkette.com/410864/contractors-guarding-us-embassy-in-kabul-love-to-drink-vodka-out-of-each-others-anuses

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What kind of chips?

I sure don't want State Department spending my tax dollars on store brands.



What about $65,000 of taxpayer money on "pizza" and "hot dogs"




FYI many people are thinking that this is some type of code for drugs or even a pedophile ring. Lots of conspiracy discussion about it

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