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The follow draft grade was actually published for people to read....and if I ever get my hands on this guy!!!!


Cleveland Browns

Picks: C Alex Mack, WR Brian Robiskie, WR Mohamed Massaquoi, DE David Veikune, LB Kaluka Maiava, CB Don Carey, CB Coye Francies, RB James Davis.

Positives: Got out of the No. 5 spot, depth at wide receiver.

Negative: No great athletes.

Bottom line: C+.

New Browns coach Eric Mangini has this penchant for getting guys who are in his image: quiet, hard-working and industrious. But there’s a point at which you need to get great athletes and this draft just doesn’t have it. Mack was the best center in the draft, but they went after him a little high after making three trades down from the No. 5 spot. Also, the fact they got so little for the No. 5 pick isn’t good, but this is the direction the NFL is going because of the cost of signing top draft picks. All of that said, Mack is a good player and Robiskie and Massaquoi are really good value players as complementary receivers. Assuming the Browns keep top wide receiver Braylon Edwards, this could be a good group. That’s a big assumption.


Oh...Ok... it must be some kind of joke. Ah, you got me. Dammit, for a second I thought he was serious.


Not an "A+ draft"... Now THAT is funny!

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