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Prez Trump


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Well, he won it. I didn't think he would do it given the political climate. I certainly will take him over Hillary but I still think he is just a cartoon character.


That said, Trump will have a Republican House and Senate. If he wants to prove me and a lot of other people wrong, Trump has the political gears in place to make it happen. Don't fuck it up.

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True on both counts. I fear it might be like the joke about the dog that chases a car. The driver stops the car opens the door and tosses the keys to the dog who is perplexed because he can't drive and can't remember exactly why he was chasing it.


But the speech sounded pretty good and I'm hoping that he follows through. I would also assume that those snotty Republicans who refused to back him will realize what side of the bread the butter is on and help him out if he reaches out for their support now.


It has always been my take that anyone could be president with the slightest bit of knowledge. Look around your party see who knows about certain situations tell them what you would like to do and have them put it together. If you want to repeal and replace Obamacare I have no doubt there are experts in the party who can write that new bill for you. No different than Obama who everyone (well everyone on the left) pretends is a genius.


I do think there are things that the anti-washington crowd what's to happen it can't be done no matter who is in government. It works both ways of course but I think it's a fact.



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