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If the Playoffs started today 11/9/16

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, here is who would be in:


AFCE Patriots 7-1 #1 seed

AFCN Ravens 4-4 win tie break over 4-4 Steelers due to head to head win and div. record

AFCS Texans 5-3

AFCW Raiders 7-2

Wildcards: Chiefs and Broncos both 6-2


NFCE Cowboys 7-1 #1 seed

NFCN Vikings 5-3

NFCS Falcons 6-3

NFCW Seahawks 5-2-1

Wildcards: Giants 5-3, Lions 5-4



"Race" for the #1 overall pick:

Browns 0-9

49ers 1-7

Jags 2-6

Bears 2-6


Also, FYI, right now the Browns first round pick that they would get from the Eagles would be somewhere between 15-20. Eagles need to start losing more.

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The only game on this week's schedule that is between two teams that would currently be in the playoffs is the Sunday Night game of the Seahawks at the Patriots. Though there are other good matchups: Bengals vs. Giants, Steelers vs. Cowboys. Redskins vs. Vikings.



1. The hot handed Matt Stafford and the Lions could actually end up winning the NFCN.

2. I expect the Bengals to come back to win the AFCN.

3. I expect that the 3 teams from the AFCW making the playoffs will hold up.

4. I expect that the 49ers may actually become the team to earn that #1 overall pick.

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ive been saying for weeks now that we all need to start voodoo chanting against the Eagles. We could potentially have a historic draft if they can drop into the bottom 10. Even if we trade those picks we could have some of the best drafts in history for years to come. I know people are clamoring for another pass rusher but as of right now i don't see that must have guy, i don't see that guy that would start on any other normal team right away. Sure he might start on the Browns but what is that saying? I see two guys we drafted whom I want to see developed. If they don't show marked improvement next year than we know they'll most likely be role players, go ahead and get a rusher the following year.

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Jabril is the one cat that I potentially see as maybe a must have at #1. I see him as a Safety/Lb'er hybrid. Potentially better than Ward ever was for us. And we need that hitter in our secondary

Is he that big of a hitter? I just keep hearing how Harbaugh is just using him in gimmicky fashion. And the Michigan fan on here questioned his quality as a safety....at least in his coverage skills. If we go for that guy that high (which we do need).... but if his coverage skills are so-so, then I want him to be a Ronnie Lott/Ed Reed/Jack Tatum kind of hitter. Or at least a Polamalu kind of disruptor.

Is he that guy?

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Is he that guy?


maybe, I'm not sure. But he's the only guy right now that I would consider at #1. The only other guy on my radar is Allen. But he seems to me like another Ogbah type. We already have that, i'd rather see Ogbah develop. Allen isn't that dynamic around the edge, not as much as Garrett is...but he's stronger and can hold the point. Right now Garrett gets around on sheer athleticism. He's got that shoulder dip that College OL have troubles dealing with. But it won't work in the NFL. I'm sure the guy will be off the charts at the combine but who cares. We've seen hwo these combine freaks pan out.

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