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Christie is Out...


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Not on the transition team, let alone leading it. No prospects for AG or Chief of Staff.


At least in part the reason appears to be that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner's father was prosecuted and put in jail by Christie and Christie opposed his release at his parole hearing.


I did not know that...


The transition leadership will now be led by Mike Pence.


No word on whether Chris will still be fetching the President Elect's McDonalds' orders...





Here's my comment... Chris' Bridgegate baggage made him potentially toxic, so I'd prefer to believe that is the rationale for this move, but...


"There are reports" that this is entirely owed to a combination of Kushner's influence and vindictiveness. Evening the score for many slights, both real and perceived, is at the core of the many folks' apprehensions around a Trump presidency.... folks on both sides of "the aisle". Given that... to the degree that there is any truth in these "reports" those apprehensions will only grow.


I honestly hope that this is at most a bone thrown to an aggrieved son and not the beginning of a pattern of behavior by the incoming administration.

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to what Tour mentioned, Christie is dirty - a nasty, cheapshot, vindictive power wielder..




and a blatant liar and hypocrite to further his political ambitions.



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