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How Things can Change...


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After months of diving into the Browns' section of the Forum with dalliances in the Indians' and WSS sections to find relief from the Political Section...

Now it's less painful to be in here (despite cal's best efforts... :ph34r: )... at least it is vs. the Browns' section.

At least that's the case now. How long will it last? Preliminarily I'll set the O/U at 6 months. Should be long enough to see the new Administration and Congress in action... and the Browns' draft.

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sorry, I find myself trying to imagine how any intelligent person can support

a wench that lied to the American public for years, denigrated victims of

Bill's sex abuses, laughed about defending a guilty violent rape of a 13 yr old

girl (unethically, so I've read), and saying she's always "fought for children"...

who let 4 people DIE at Benghazi, refused to put any extra security for them there,

then lied about that to Congress, deleted 33,000 emails AFTER A SUBPOENA

WAS RECEIVED FROM CONGRESS, who has been a terror to work with

behind the scenes for other staff, and even the Secret Service......


and Whitewater




and who stole historial valuables from the WH when their time ran out with Bill there,


the list goes on. And yet, all that is ignored, and Tour and a few others paint a pretty picture

of her, while nitpicking Trumps warts, real and falsely alleged.


I can't imagine any other reason, than maybe a sexual fetish. I could be wrong - maybe it's

a result of accidental hypnosis?


or.... a "Manchurian candidate" brainwashing? I doubt the latter two guesses, that's all.

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