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Huckabee Nails it for me


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Huckabee Explains Trump Win PERFECTLY… “I’ll Tell You What It Doesn’t Mean”



Now that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has overcome the odds stacked against him to become the president-elect, millions of Americans at all points of the ideological spectrum will begin to ask what his election means for the country.


Former Arkansas governor and staunch Trump supporter Mike Huckabee took to Facebook Wednesday morning to offer a lengthy response to just such a question, first by humorously deriding the liberal media‘s hyperbolic prognostications about Trump’s presidency bringing an immediate end to the world and with it our way of life in America.


Considering how the media covered Trump’s candidacy, Huckabee wrote, “We now have to brace ourselves for the inevitable shirt-rending from the media: ‘How could America elect Donald Trump?! What does this MEEEEEAN?!'”


Huckabee proceeded to discuss the idea of American exceptionalism and how voters who held that viewpoint had been trying to send a message to Washington, D.C., and the establishment for years, only to be further mocked and belittled and told to shut up and sit down.

He said the message had finally gotten through via Trump’s election.


“Another bit of meaning you can take from this election: Despite all the efforts of politicians, consultants and media elites to separate Americans into little boxes, we refuse to be so easily categorized,” Huckabee wrote. “Self-proclaimed experts assumed that women would vote for Hillary because she’s a woman, or Hispanics would vote against Trump because he wants to secure the border, or blacks would vote for Democrats because … well, because they’re black, and they’re supposed to!”


“Turns out that women care about a range of issues other than gender identity, the vast majority of Hispanic immigrants believe in obeying the law, and many black voters don’t like being taken for granted,” he continued. “Democrats learned to their shock that demographic changes don’t mean they can just sit back and enjoy a permanent majority. Maybe the idea that women and non-white voters will automatically pull the ‘D’ lever just because of their sex and race is … gasp … sexist and racist!”








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