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One Post's Electoral College

One Post

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Its not fair that one person gets one vote.


If you've voted five times every two years.. Your vote= 5


If you've voted over ten times consecutive then your vote = 7


First time voters=1


If you're a fat bitch with kids you can't feed= one vote for the opposition whoever is in the lead,


If you work and don't draw public aid multiply times 2 even if you've voted before.


If you draw public aid...you step to the back of the line.


If you're one post. I predict and work.

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FYI, OSU students did protest the results of the election and the school did offer post election counseling.

There was some asshole who doesn't even go to OSU who was giving a gay 'protest' speech at the union. He got tackled. I don't have time for the union. Oh and there were a few dozen students gathered in the oval one day. Other than that there wasn't any special counseling sessions so I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

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The Lantern says 300






Not a specific event, but election counseling services have been mentioned. There might be more, this is just the first thing I found



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There's not more. Of course it was mentioned. But they even said they are offering support to those from both ends of the political spectrum.


If I were trying to one-up him on math I could have just made something up about my math education. During a discussion with someone it always helps to know their authority on the subject.

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