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***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***


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Hi, Browns fans! :) A rivalry renewed in the AFC North with two cities 115 miles apart as our Browns seek their first win in 2016, as they host the second place and 4-5 Steelers, in today's 129th all-time regular season meeting, including 2 postseason games played in 1995 and 2003. Steelers currently leads the series with 70 wins over 58 losses.


Browns seek to defeat the Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium for the first time in more than two years, since their 31-10 win back on October 12, 2014.


NO injuries to both the Browns and Steelers, and GO BROWNS!!!!! ;):)B)^_^

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umm, we aren't playing the 49ers.


Steelers have a bunch of injuries so they're ripe for the taking.

The problem for US is that we have to put OUR team on the field.....so the Steelers can probably beat us with one arm tied behind their backs.


C'mon Browns. Beat the Steelers for us!

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Didn't we beat the Niners at home last year?


He's not good with grammar and sentence structure. I think he means that is last time we beat the Steelers.


But his on-time record is impeccable.



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Family obligations today will either force me to miss a great win, or spare me the pain of a Stoolers loss........... I won't even check my phone until 2pm pst, until I know it's long over.

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About this game - the Browns will win. The squealers will have no answer for Pryor - he'll run them silly as a wr.


Coleman will make them look sillier.


The only problem is that the squealers will be losing at halftime, and come out the second half, and cheapshot them

out of the game, and maybe ruin Kessler's knees on a late cheapshot after t he whistle walk back to the huddle.


As usual, there won't be any unsportsmanlike conduct penalty - the commish has their backs, for being such

good friends with their owner.


If all that happens, Hue will have a meeting with the commish about it all, and ask for an explanation.

Then the commish will invite one of his hack refs and have them throw a penalty flag on Hue for lining

up in the neutral zone.


You heard it here first. Without cheapshots by the squealers... the BROWNS WILL WIN AND IT WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL

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Oh, yeah - the squealers SUCK BILGEWATER out of three rivers scum, and most of the NFL hates the dirty

(*)(*+_)( asswipe sombeitches.


And, I'm so happy it snowed, I get to use our new cool snowblower !

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Losing to the 0-10 Browns would shut down Pittsburgh's season.


Beating the Steelers would put us in a two way tie with SF for that #1 overall draft pick, which will be worth a fortune.


I'm torn... Nah, I hope we destroy them.

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As stated earlier from the always hopeful BROWNS die hard manual.....




Yeah I want to be there watching an 0-10 team.....but there's always the chance for an NFL classic! (BROWNS die hard thinking 101 )


Oh Sunday am CLE from 7' to +9' and the OVER/UNDER went from open 49 to now 44, that's a big move!


Must see TV.

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Full Inactives List:


Pittsburgh Steelers Injuries

Jordan Dangerfield SS Inactive Xavier Grimble TE Inactive Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Inactive Zach Mettenberger QB Inactive Brian Mihalik OT Inactive Shamarko Thomas SS Inactive DeAngelo Williams RB Inactive


Cleveland Browns Injuries

Joe Callahan QB Inactive Jonathan Cooper OG Inactive Kevin Hogan QB Inactive Gabe Ikard C Inactive Corey Lemonier OLB Inactive Jordan Payton WR Inactive Tramon Williams CB Inactive


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