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Elections have consequences when REPUBLICANS WIN, TOO, idiot pansy liberals


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but the Dems want to filibuster it forever.

I say, Trump can issue a few executive orders on the subject.

In the least, accepting a ccw when people are traveling out of state is in order.


As in, you want to insist it be locked up? fine. I thought that was the federal law...

except the dems will screw with it and make it so complicated, they think they can make

a dent in the 2nd Amendment.


dems are asswholes, plain and simple. But having a gun in NJ should never

have been a crime. That's stupidass.

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This Democrat says In order for there to be a nationized CCW standard there must first be a national gun legislation that establishes national standards for gun ownership. There has to be checks and balances somehow. There are some Americans that should not be entitled to the 2nd Ammendment.

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I don't think I am keen on pressing for more federal control/involvement in gun laws. I am perfectly o.k. with avoiding states that don't recognize CCW. The people of NJ, Cali, etc. voted in those shitty politicians. I don't want one of them getting into the White House and having a greater precedent set for being able to overreach state laws.

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Well I'm pointing out that CCW can't reasonably be addressed nationally without addressing gun ownership nationally. One hand washes the other. I'm pro 2nd amendment but against arming those that don't have the first clue about what to do with the freedom/right/privilege. In my career I can identify plenty of American that shouldn't handle a water pistol let alone a real one.

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I really have no problem whatsoever with a strict and stringent program for those acquiring a CCW. I feel much better about grandma having a 32 in her purse if she knows how to use it. Still we aren't fools and we realized that for some registration is the first step toward a ban.


How about this non-related issue? It was proposed that all Muslims in the United States register a lot of people on the left screamed about Nazi Germany. Why would that be? Gun owners and Muslims are probably decent and safe citizens for the most part right?



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The ulterior motive, would not be banning all Muslims with a registration....


it is with gun ownership. I wonder if registering those who vent publicly, or to

undercover FBI agents etc.... about believing in violent, radical muslim extremist actions... would be

a valid idea. er... I suppose that is the terrorist watch list already... heh heh heh..


I suppose that would give would be terrorists the initiative to avoid saying what they are thinking until it's too late, eh?


To Marcus's point, my ccw was earned with hours of classroom training, by a guy who was years in spec op.

(He knows guns.) - and shooting at the range. Only one of my shots at the 21' distance went a bit astray (by three inches),

but still on target, because I started shooting quickly after getting back on target. My small 9mm has a bit of a kick.


I'm fine with training/qualification. But the sad truth is, the dishonest, vindictive, political war left will use that as a way to undermine 2nd Amendment rights if they could. They will never STFU about their political war, especially on this issue.


And it's true - as Marcus said - there's folks out there who shouldn't be using a gun when they

have no idea about how to use one safely, etc. The problem is with the left - the valid

requirement of training for the ccw - must never be allowed to be used by the anti-gun left, to

be finding out if, when, what kind, and how many guns Americans have. It's nonyabizness, left.


I say that because there are those who got ccw licenses, who don't own a gun. But they could,

and carry with no trouble, given a background check, which is required.


Meanwhile, one of their many false narratives was that if Trump won, gun sales would decrease.


Nope. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20161201/gun-sales-deny-critics-set-record-on-black-friday


The demowhackic party is owned by the far left now, and they've pushed their narratives into the faces

of the rest of America, and we steered America in an AMERICAN direction.

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