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Since Black Friday set an all-time record for gun purchase background checks....


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Came across this - from my Ammoland emails.


Seems like an awesome company, just letting anybody interested the chance

to check it out:





September 21, 2014
Yonas arrived to this country when he was 9 years old in 1992 as a child refugee from Sudan. From the time he arrived to America to present day, Yonas has never taken his freedom for granted. Knowing that he needed to do something to thank the country who lifted him out of poverty and war, Yonas enlisted in the Army in the wake of 9/11.
In 2004, while deployed to Iraq with 2/3 Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Armored Division based in Geissen, Germany, Yonas was hit by an RPG. Yonas survived that day by the grace of God, and the skilled military medical professionals who brought him back to life. Relying on the inspirations which made him resilient, seeking medical professional help, and finding new goals in life, he overcame his wounds, was honorably discharged from the service, and continued to serve in other ways.
He joined The Mission Continues as a post 9/11 fellow in 2010. The Mission Continues is a non-profit Veteran service organization which empowers post 9/11 Veterans to serve once again in their communities. Leveraging his new business to help other rehabilitating Veterans, Yonas found strength in service to help his battle buddies recover from their wounds. You can watch his Mission Continues story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYe7c6bt8OU .
Yonas' passion has always been building custom firearms. Learning the trade while in the Army, he's been perfecting it over the past 10 years. Building a custom product has been therapeutic for him. The fulfillment from building superb custom firearms erases those dark days recovering from his wounds of battle.
On Veterans Day, 2010, Yonas met Army Veteran, Major Armando Velasquez while volunteering for the Mission Continues in St. Louis, Missouri. Over the past few years their friendship continued through service and in business mentorship. The two launched separate business ventures in retail, and have always maintained a sense of service and Veteran empowerment in everything they do. In 2014, Yonas called Armando and asked him to join Civilian Force Arms and help develop the business so that others could enjoy a CFA weapon.
Yonas also asked his friend and hunting buddy, Ernest Johnson to help develop their sales and marketing department. The two have forged a strong family relationship, and immediately became good friends when they met at a safety firearms course.
All three partners are family men, and their wives and children provide them strength every day to manufacture the best. They pride themselves on empowering Veterans in everything they do, and always serving others. Safety, reliability, and durability are at the forefront of their weapons.

Their mission is to build high quality customized firearms to everyday consumers who value defense, sport shooting, and out door living. They will not compromise safety, regulations, or their commitment to service while providing the best AMERICAN MADE, BUILT TO SURVIVE™ weapons and weapon accessories.


Civilian Force Arms was founded by former Army soldier, and Purple Heart recipient Yonas Hagos.
Yonas, a child refugee from Sudan, has always dedicated his life to serving his country and others. After being wounded by a rocket propelled grenade in Iraq during the height of the war in 2004, Yonas became an avid community volunteer and entrepreneur. Volunteering as a Mission Continues Fellow, he along with other post 9/11 Veterans dedicated their time and energy to rebuilding communities across the nation.
Soon he turned his drive to serve into business, launching three successful businesses helping to employ fellow Americans. Now he is focusing on what he does best, designing and building custom AR-15s. Yonas prides himself on producing weapons that are American Made, Built To Survive™.


September 27, 2014
On September 27th, 2014, Civilian Force Arms began selling American Made, Built To Survive™ custom firearms. Army Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, Yonas Hagos founded the company, and has watched his dream of building custom made firearms become a reality. The company debut was made online, and at the Northern Illinois Hunting Fishing Days Expo in Silver Springs, Yorkville, IL.


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