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Happy Birthday to me !


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Today, I turned 34. That's because when I turned 50, I started counting backwards, since

I figured out that if I was going to be pretty frail and helpless, I may as well be 1 yr old instead of



So, with that in mind, today would be a GREAT DAY for the Browns to win their first game !


I predict Joe Thomas catches a TD pass in the red zone, RGIII does okay, but gets dinged up

and Kessler has to come in, and he goes haywire and throws for 3 TD's, a qb rating of 237,

both running backs score a TD, the new RB crashed in for one. The defense doesn't allow a TD

until the final qtr, and the Browns win 45-10.


Fact is stranger than true !

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Happy Birthday Cal!!! And many healthy and blessed more!!!

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