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Why Trump will save Americans from obaMAO's Leftwing EPA


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What if your ability to buy a car was the difference between whether or not you could feed your family, start a business, or send your kids to college?

For many that is the stark reality including Nelcy Grande.

Nelcy is an entrepreneur who started her own cleaning business, All 4 U Cleaning Services. She wanted to provide for her family, send her daughters to college, and feel the pride that comes with achieving the American dream.

She started small cleaning one or two houses a day and getting to her clients houses by taking the bus or train. But Nelcy quickly found out she needed her own transportation in order to grow her business and have a shot at her goals.

So she bought a car. Having her own transportation allowed her to clean more houses. This in turn allowed her to grow her business. And, most importantly, it provided her with the means to put her daughters in college!

As Nelcy said, her ability to purchase a car provided her the opportunity to achieve her dreams.

But Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is burning the midnight oil to finalize a regulation that threatens the American dream of mobility. Please take action against their last-minute efforts by submitting an official comment to EPA right now!

This regulation, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mandate, requires automakers fleet of new cars and trucks to get an average of 54.5 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2025.

Research shows that the CAFE standards are already making cars and trucks more expensive. A study from the Heritage Foundation shows that new vehicles are $6,000 more expensive that they would be if auto price trends remained the same since 2008.

Stop for a minute and put yourself in Nelcy’s shoes. What if Obama’s CAFE standards would put buying a car out of your price range and stop you from achieving your dreams?

The CAFE standards could be the difference between millions of American’s having the same opportunity Nelcy had or not.

Please fight back against Obama’s last-ditch effort to snatch the American dream of mobility from millions of Americans by sending an official comment into the EPA right now!

We need every voice we can on record standing up for Nelcy and the millions of Americans across this country who ask nothing more than to have the opportunity for success.

Thank you!

Tom Pyle


American Energy Alliance

P.S. Entrepreneur Nelcy Grande was able to achieve the American dream by purchasing a car that allowed her to grow her business. But that dream is now threatened for millions of Americans because of a last-minute push by the Obama EPA to finalize mandates that will make cars and trucks more expensive. Please send a comment to the EPA right now and stand up on behalf of Americans like Nelcy who ask for nothing more than the opportunity to follow their dreams.


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Put Nelcy in one of these chinese supercars, http://www.maxim.com/rides/chinese-supercar-techrules-2016-8 she'll go 1000+ mpg's and do 0-60 in 2.5. Turbine backed electric cars could have been made here in this country near half a century ago...but that kind of gas mileage disrupts the economies of scale of the oil industry. And that's assuming people powered the things with gas. People who know what they're doing can tune turbines to burn all kinds of fuels. You could probably run it on gasification seeing as i've seen portable generators meant to run on gas suck in some wood smoke and turn over just fine. The EPA is now going to shill even harder for the oil and gas industry which has kept us confined to their business models.


Think for a second if you had a car who's monthly gas consumption you could subsidize "at least" 50% with, just as an example, expended cooking oil. Now you've got a competing energy sources. Ethanol made from sugar, grass, decaying leaves etc, etc. All could be used in a turbine interchangeably. So now the price of a barrel of oil gets driven down because of "competition". And since we've long gone through the easily accessible oil reserves on this planet, the expensive oil like the tar sands or oil being drilled two miles below the surface of the ocean....that extraction becomes economically unfeasible if there's competition.


So, what professor Clevfan has hopefully enabled young Cal to understand......is how badly the primary principle of the free market (competition) has been kicked in it's swollen asshole by the people who championed the concept of the free market the most......the united states of america. Capitalism was always just a catch phrase here, nobody really gave a shit and american industry subverted it "at will". So now we're fixing to have an EPA that helps certain american business sectors keep their oligarchy over their respective markets. Forcing cars to increase their gas mileage is a big no no, not to the auto industry as they've had the tech to make cars go further more quickly for decades, but to the oil giants who also now have one of their CEO's as secretary of state.


See where this is going? Elections have consequences. And so far Trump is leading me to beleive that perhaps i should have voted in this past election despite the absolutely odious nature of who his opponent was.

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and fly you and woodpecker to the moon.


mass production? cost? safety?


you really think she can afford THAT car in instead?


what an ignorant change of subject.

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