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We Dodged A Bullet

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Whether correct or not, word on the street was that Obama offered Biden his choice of two positions: either VP or Secretary of State.


Given this guys propensity for saying absolutely stupid things, I am thankful that he decided against the State position. Imagine him impromptu with world leaders.


He appears to be very Quayleish.


Thoughts, etc.


PS Obama has to worry about Reid, Pelosi and Biden and must shudder every time any of them open their mouths.

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It must be tough for Obama, not only is Biden's mouth embarrassing his admin,


but Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Schumer and co. are loose cannons, too.


And, his White House press secretary is a complete doofus,


and Obama himself is making his own gaffes, even though he most always


has a teleprompter.





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Im not wild about Biden.

He speaks before he thinks and thats a very dangerous thing in washington.

He may very well be a decent guy but he can say some really stupid things.

VP is a good job for him.


Shooting off his mouth is one of the few things I like about Biden.

I do get tired of nothing but weasel words whenever a politician opens his mouth.



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