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ABCNews - in the left's hip pocket


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Well, ABCNews has posted the pictures and names of two psychologists who worked to developer the waterboarding


technique that saved American lives.


Now, that helps terrorists target them and their families, yes?




ABCNews campaigned for Pres Bush to be impeached over the fraudulent "outing"


of Valeria Plame.


With leftist liberals - the ends justify the means. Lying, cheating, hypocrisy, personal attacks, careers unfairly

ruined, slander, libel, trial by media op eds...


it's all good when they are nearly... profoundly arrogant in their cause.

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Yes Cal, two psychologist consultants that are currently living in the USA being shown on TV is the equivalent of revealing the identity of an active CIA agent that works undercover overseas.


Exactly the same.

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No one said it was the same, PJ&J.


It's the principle that was openly one way as a political hatchet job, seeing as how it


was NOT Bush or Cheney that did the outing...


and another way, the opposite idea, when it a political leftist-base consolidation ploy.

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I never heard of anyone who loved it. I never saw it. Only heard about it here.


But, it glossed over Clinton's misdeeds. The libs couldn't complain too much.

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