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President Obama To Visit 'American Idol'?

Mr. T

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President Obama To Visit 'American Idol'?


The "American Idol" contestants have enough pressure dealing with the critiques of Randy, Kara, Paula and Simon – and if "Idol's" harshest judge gets his way, they'll be performing for President Obama.


"We would put out an invitation on a daily basis," Simon Cowell told The Hollywood Reporter about "Idol's" attempt to get the Commander in Chief to appear on the hit FOX show.




What a joke.

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Are they frantically trying to keep up his rock star status or what?


Obama is turning into a joke on late night TV if he keeps going like he has been.


Meanwhile, after all the stating that Obama wants to get rid of those terrible


Bush tribunals...


he's decided to keep them.


Of course, Obama's keeping the car co's from bankruptcy by spending our


country into deficit oblivian... Chrysler is now going bankrupt after the billions Obama gave to them.


Obama's FAILED POLICIES, Part one.

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