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Last Title by Town Winter 2017

The Gipper

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Now that the Super Bowl has been played , here is the last year that each of the 48 major league cities in the US and Canada won a professional sports championship, or for those markets with no titles, the year they first had a major sports franchise there. In other words, it tells how long each area has been waiting for a title. This includes NHL/WHA, NBA/ABA, NFL/AFL/AAFC, and MLB:

2016 Boston (NE) (Patriots NFL

2016 Chicago (Cubs MLB)

2016 Cleveland (Cavaliers NBA)

2016 Pittsburgh (Penguins NHL)

2015 Denver (Broncos NFL)

2015 Kansas City (Royals MLB)

2015 San Fran/Oakland/San Jose (Warriors NBA

2014 San Antonio (Spurs NBA)

2014 Los Angeles (Kings NHL)

2013 Seattle (Seahawks NFL)

2013 Miami (Heat NBA)
2012 Baltimore (Ravens NFL
2011 New York/New Jersey (Giants NFL)
2011 St. Louis (Cardinals MLB)
2011 Dallas/Ft. Worth (Mavericks NBA)
2010 Green Bay (Packers NFL)
2009 New Orleans (Saints NFL)
2008 Oklahoma City, no titles, year the "Thunder" began play.
2008 Philadelphia (Phillies MLB)
2008 Detroit (Redwings NHL)
2006 Indianapolis (Colts NFL)
2006 Raleigh (Hurricane NHL)
2004 Tampa/St. Pete (Lightning NHL)
2001 Phoenix (Diamondbacks MLB)
2001 Memphis, no titles, first year "Grizzlies" played there

2000 Columbus, no titles, first year "Bluejackets" began play
1997 Nashville, no titles, first year "Titans" played there
1995 Houston (Rockets NBA)
1995 Jacksonville, no titles, first year "Jaguars" began play
1995 Atlanta (Braves MLB)
1993 Toronto (Blue Jays MLB)
1993 Montreal (Canadiennes NHL)
1992 Washington D.C. (Redskins NFL)
1991 Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twins MLB)
1990 Cincinnati (Reds MLB)
1990 Edmonton (Oilers NHL)
1989 Calgary (Flames NHL)
1989 Orlando, no titles, first year "Magic" played there
1988 Charlotte, no titles, first year "Hornets" played there
1985 Sacramento, no titles, first year "Kings" played there
1979 Winnipeg (Jets, WHA)
1977 Portland (Blazers NBA)
1971 Milwaukee (Bucks NBA)
1971 Salt Lake City (Stars ABA)
1965 Buffalo (Bills AFL)
1963 San Diego (Chargers AFL)
1927 Ottawa (Senators NHL)
1915 Vancouver (Millionaires, Stanley Cup)

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Bump of this thread as well....to show that cities with teams in current playoffs of NHL and NBA:


Ottawa.....1927 last title.

Washington DC..1992

Nashville...1997 not titles since the Titans moved there. (also Predators founded in 1998)


Los Angeles(Anaheim), Bay area (Golden State), Cleveland, Boston, San Antonio, Pittsburgh have all had teams win titles just since 2014.

So....Ottawa has had a 65 year wait longer than any other city currently with a team in the playoffs.

So that is why I am rooting for them....and for 2 other reasons: Canada has not had a team win the hockey title or any title since 1993 when Montreal won the Stanley Cup, and the Blue Jays won the World Series. So, go go Oh Canada. Also, they are playing the team from Shittsburgh...and we know we want them to lose.

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