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In Honor of the Snowflakes


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that doesn't make sense, though. You go to Subway at 9 pm in a bad part of town,

and you should have a ccw.


Don't be a-goin and be a-usin the word incorrectly now.


from wikipedia:


"Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a term used to characterise young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offence and less resilient than previous generations, or too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. It is considered derogatory.[1][2]"

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but honoring them isn't enough. we have to some together, and build

a pac for them to have the necessities they need to aviod shriveling into

their minds like prunes....


we must help the helpless, fragile, snowflakes. We must save them from exitinction.


It's just the right thing to do.



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