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"During a recent lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Brown told his audience that men do not necessarily need consent to have sex with a woman, and that slavery is not in and of itself wrong.

In a lecture that spanned about an hour and twenty minutes, Dr. Brown condemned the practices of slavery in the West (and China), while attempting to argue that slavery in the Muslim world has been far kinder and gentler (which is completely untrue). Dr. Brown also argued that slavery had become “racialized” in the West but was non-racial in the Muslim world, another blatant lie. Lastly, Brown argued that forced labor in the West was abusive but that no such practice ever occurred in the Muslim world (this is another easily disproved lie – see here, here, and here)."

"Umar Lee is a freelance writer (and a Muslim) who happened to be attending the lecture and was shocked and dismayed at what he heard Dr. Brown teaching.

“Indeed, according to Brown, slaves in the Muslim world lived a pretty good life. I thought the Muslim community was done with this dishonest North Korean style of propaganda. Obviously not…

Brown constructs a world where the wrongs of the West excuse any wrongs (if he believes there are any) in the Muslim World.”

However, Brown went even lower to defend both slavery and rape. He argued that neither slavery nor non-consensual sex (we in the West call this rape) are necessarily immoral.

“It’s not immoral for one human to own another human,” Brown stated in his clearest defense of slavery. Brown went onto state that being an employee is basically the same as being a slave…

And on the question of rape:

“Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex,” said Professor Jonathan Brown of Georgetown University… Brown emphatically stated consent is a modern Western concept and only recently had come to be seen as necessary (perhaps around the time feminism began to take root and women decided they wanted autonomy over their bodies). Brown went on to elaborate consent wasn’t necessary to moral and ethical sex

Lee concludes his post on the lecture by reminding his readers that if a Catholic, or a Protestant, or a Jew had made these same comments in the same context, they would immediately be attacked by academia and the liberal media. He argued that any non-Muslim University employee who would make a similar defense of slavery or rape would immediately be fired from their position and likely not find work in academia ever again. Sadly, when a Muslim professor does it… no one even bats an eye.

It’s a damning condemnation of the state of our culture, but I don’t expect Dr. Brown to be condemned or fired by Georgetown anytime soon."

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I'm guessing this is fake news but I'm gonna look into it when I get home. If this guy really did make these claims get him out. Revoke his citizenship get him out.


But just some food for thought. The very arguments this guy made for slavery in Islam were literally regurgitated here just a day or so ago in defense of slavery in the Old Testament. Literally the exact same defense. But now that it's being spoken in islams defense, these arguments are invalid now? Busted? Caught red handed are we?

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That's quite impossible - the New Testament supercedes the laws

in the Old Testament.


That is why Jesus died on the Cross for us. "All fall short of the glory of God"

"we all sin".... therefore, we can't possibly follow all those laws in the Old.

that is the point. Jesus died for our sins.

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but he also, allegedly, said I've come to fulfill the old laws. So which is it? When the bad OT stuff is pointed out Christians say "new testament new testament new testament".....but then out of the other side of their mouth they say Jesus came to fulfill the old testament, not invalidate it. Not sure how this rubbish has persisted for so many generations but honest to god how does anyone follow this nonsense anymore? Indoctrinated religion is the worst thing that's ever happened to the human race. Almost every piece of bullshit in this world can be traced in some way back to these religions made up by men.

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ok so the video of him talking wont' load properly for me, but I want to ask something here. He's giving a speech on Islam. Is he talking from the perspective of muslims back in the day about how they felt about slavery and consentual sex? Because in that case, we know they held old testament views on these subjects because muslims are as beholden to the old testament as Christians and jews are. That's a completely different angle than if he's saying today, in modern times, he has come to believe that consent is unnecessary for a sexual relationship. If that's what he's saying he needs sniped. And it would be tits if a muslim did it.

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