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as the pendulum swings - leftists' intolerance/overbearing creating new gen of conservatives


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the old saying, for every action there is a reaction - the hypocrisy of the left

is alienting smart, well-intentioned, healthy folks to look at it all with conservative




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but life isn't all sourced data. History teaches a lot of lessons to those that understand that.

Maybe it's like me getting a new bionic knee, which is fantastic....


I know the awesomeness every day of having a good knee. Like everything, we people get

so used to having good knees, necks, whatever, we take it for granted, we get accustomed

to something and don't think about it.


But lose it, like your freedom in a country in Europe taken over by communists/nazis...

and you cherish it. It dramatically changes your perspective.

Get a toothache, and you realize that you never think about your teeth except to brush em

after a meal. You appreciate not being in pain.


So, it seems perfectly valid that when people see movements be destructive, hypocritical,

counterproductive or offensive, ... the people that see it, experience a new perspective -

we adapt, we react, we adjust. It's the human condition.

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