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"It's a shock to everybody on this team"


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Ive been posting here since late 2006, and have been reading a bit longer. I reallylike this board and the people and I really enjoy the discussion. I think that you stan do a great thing by having this board, and its not something you have to do. I really like this community.


I consider myself a solid poster, I try to bring up good points, write thorough opinions, and have my facts straight. I also like messing around once in a while. Its just, this past weekend things got a little crazy, and my account was suspended for 12 hours. I diddnt do anything bad, I wasnt insulting people, or making any personal attacks (oh and BTW, if I ever do make a smart remark or anything I always couple it with a following paragraph that is on topic). I just wanted to have my threead on statistics because It was getting good responses, driving good discussion and it was based on facts. I really diddnt think it was fair that it was merged and then my other posts deleted.


You even brought up some good stuff in that thread stan, you pointed out that fraley played in baltimore, (i diddnt believe it until I looked up some pictures from the game). People were making good points


Im just afraid from here on out for my account and it getting locked, and deleted because it sounds like your gonna be strict from now on. I dont want to post in fear, and I want to post here.


Just tell me that your not gonna ban me or anyone else unless they are truely being a troll or unreasonable

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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