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ANALYSIS: Jewish Bomb Threat Arrest Shows Trump Was Right Not To Jump To Conclusions


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The arrest of a 31-year-old leftist journalist for making bomb threats against Jewish centers across the U.S. is a vindication of sorts for Donald Trump, who came under fire earlier this week after he refused to jump to conclusions about the identity of the threat-makers.


Juan Thompson was arrested in St. Louis on Friday for phoning and emailing threats to at least eight Jewish centers and the Anti-Defamation League.


Thompson, who is black, supported Bernie Sanders for president and once wrote for the liberal website, “The Intercept.” He was fired after he was discovered fabricating quotes for his stories. His threatening calls appear to have been made, in part, to get revenge on a former girlfriend.


But the consensus among journalists and pundits has been that a pro-Trump white supremacist was behind the threats, which led to evacuations at the Jewish centers.


“The Intercept,” which was founded by anti-Trump billionaire Pierre Omidyar, even published an article asserting that Trump supporters were making the threats.


Trump was also blasted for saying that it was too early to conclude who was making the phone calls.


But at the very least, Thompson’s involvement shows at least some of the threats came from people opposed to Trump. And Thompson was certainly no fan of the Republican.

In January, he called Trump “Hitler” because of his executive order banning travel from countries with high rates of terrorism.

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