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Here is a good dude


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Guest Aloysius

And Mangini deserves a ton of credit for letting Kenyon go:


April means off-season workout time in the NFL, so Coleman had his doubts when he broached this proposal with Mangini. But Mangini took his coaching hat off for a minute and talked to Kenyon man-to-man.


“His first reaction was he wanted to be educated about Uganda and Burundi and wanted to make sure I wasn't going over there ignorantly and I would be safe,” Coleman said. “But I don’t know if a lot of people know this but Eric Mangini is very generous and does a lot of charity work. He was very positive and offered help.”


They agreed that Coleman could go, on the condition that he would make up any missed workouts. Then Mangini offered his support.


"This is a good example of who Kenyon and his wife are," Mangini said from the league meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., this evening. "I didn't have to be sold on it at all. I just wanted to understand what they were doing. I think it's a great thing, the fact that they're going to be able to help as many people as they're going to be able to help. I can't imagine the effect they'll have on the kids there when they get the roofs on their schools."


“They’re setting up a little care package and we’re going to give out jerseys to the President of Uganda [Museveni] and the President of Burundi [Pierre Nkurunziza],” Coleman said. “Just the fact that I’m going is evident of [Mangini’s] heart. If he didn’t say yes, I wouldn’t go. I’m just thankful that he allowed me to go and that he understands what it is to give to others.”

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I didn't know about him, but my Dad remebered him making plays,


Coleman is an outstanding person, proud to have him be a Cleveland Brown !


Really nice find !

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Guest birddog1
Not much to do about football but for me personally, this is the kind of MAN I want wearing a Brown's uniform.


I don't agree with everything you post, but on this I'm with you 100%.


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The Brown's are definitely heading in the right direction with men like Kenyon.



You said a lot when you said they are heading in the right direction. Can you see the type of personalities this staff and FO has brought to the locker room. I also see team leaders and less me first guys.


MIght be that we have a "TEAM".

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