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John Wick 2 review

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John Wick Chapter 2




R. 122




Hi gang. A little backstory here. You are faithful narrator has spent a great portion on the last month or so dealing with some major health problems. I won't get too specific but a couple weeks in the Cleveland Clinic and I'm feeling as positive as can be. If you want more information just go to Facebook Westside Steve Simmons . Unfortunately that meant that I was out of touch for Oscar season. You may have noticed a very truncated report in which I've barely covered the best picture category and, as my publishers pointedd out, I was 100% correct for, well, about a minute. Personally I thought the two deserving pictures were LA LA LAND and FENCES. I really disliked MOONLIGHT and I firmly believe it was only nominated and-selected because the academy for some reason felt it necessary to make a political statement. We understand that the Academy Awards are all too often decided on that type of subjective criteria, but I just don't particularly like to see it happen. People have a right to voice their opinions whether I agree or not but I like to see this particular award based solely on the quality of the film, That's life.



So maybe it's the realization of one's own mortality that causes us to soften opinions, but here's my revelation. As you should know I don't think Keane Reaves has ever lived up to the excessive number of films he's been offered and I've been pretty vocal about it. That being said in fairness, I will admit that the man is not totally without merit and there are some parts he can fill as well as anybody. John Wick is one of those roles.


I was surprised that I enjoyed JOHN WICK the first so right out of the hospital with limited viewing options I took a chance on JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2. I really didn't expect anything new or revolutionary and unfortunately I wasn't surprised.


John Wick, as you may recall, is a fictional character created by screenwriter Derek Kolstad, who is part of an extensive International network of contract killers, all bound together by a complicated series rules regulations and their own unique system of morality. It's ridiculous but it's also kind of fascinating which is how I found the first John Wick film and to a great extent the second one as well.


Sometimes I just like to sit back and watch the good guy kill a whole bunch of the bad guys and that's what the first one was. The bad guys are Eastern European mobsters that has among their midst, like many families, the one crazy ass nephew who causes problems for everyone. Among other nefarious activities he killed Wicks dog and Wick rains hell and destruction upon the bad guys. Perfect. That's a motivation I can get a grip on.


Unfortunately the second time around the villains are not nearly so obvious. It's some convoluted story about a mafia style crime kingpin, his sister, the owing of some kind of a debt and the refusal of Wick to accept an assignment. Or something. I mean you know who the bad guys are supposed to be and you know that many of them were going to get terminated with extreme prejudice, but there's nothing as clear-cut is killing a guy's dog to draw the distinction between the darkness and the light.


Don't get me wrong it's still intriguing, it looks great and the fight and killing scenes are Innovative and top-notch. The tough part for me was the fact that even though I know who I'm supposed to hate, I just couldn't work up enough venom. With R rating it shouldn't be that tough to make the antagonist truly distasteful and allow the audience to really look forward to their elimination.


It's still fun and it's still a perfect role for Keanu but I wish they'd have taken a little more time to draw the audience in.





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can't get any more violent than the first. the new one (JW2) has some great fight/killing scenes but there is a bunch of nonsense in between those scenes where in the first it's just non-stop.


yeah baby!! great date movie, lol.

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part 2 left off with an obvious 3rd sequel - John Wick pissed everybody off so the network has a bounty on him


he will be facing off against the gauntlet of eager would be cash collecting contract killers.


and the Common character isn't dead. he's already talking about the 3rd.

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