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Free agency on offense means...


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...in a loaded defensive class we will be using the vast majority of our picks on that side of the ball. Maybe a QB if Hue really likes one.


The offensive lineman in this draft have been widely said to be under par so locking up Joel now and signing Tretter sounds good to me. Britt is about the same age as Pryor which seems to have passed many by.


To me this sounds like a FO with a plan after their first full year in office.....

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Adding Zeitler and Tretter makes our line look very good on paper.

Now we just need to see how they can perform as a unit.


I thought Kessler did an excellent job with a shitstorm around him.

He will be better off with a solid running game, an oline that can block, and actually having some time to throw..


Doesn't have the best arm strength but he hits those intermediate routes like it's nothing!


8-8 this year if things bounce our way for a change..

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