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Wikileaks Assange tweets Clinton intel community pushing for a Pence Takeover

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That is pretty much what many Americans have already been guessing at. Obamao put dirty partisan

hacks all over our gov. The "Deep State" is real I think, to anybody who really looks honestly at the whole picture.


These hacks stay in gov from adm to regime to admin. It's the LEFT that activaties attempts to underming

the other party, no holds barred, to Republicans who get elected to Congress and the Presidency...

and the nominees to the Supreme Court....


It's a revolution by the left - get control, then keep control. It has always been what marxists/liberals/progressives/asswhole

radicals do.


It doesn't matter what stance they take - it will always be a stance that sets them apart from reality, respect for others' opinions

across the country. We elected Trump. They don't care.


ObaMao is aptly nicknamed, after all this garbage going on my so many of his boosted appointments and his gov

hirings. One can easily figure that that is why, at the end of his term, he went rabid to put as many of his lefties into

our gov as possible. That is a fact.

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