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Gil Brandt predicts biggest WR impact from Draft

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From a Gil Brandt Question & Answer Session

Posted on BleedingGreenNation.com

May 7, 2009 5:00 PM EDT




Bob R, Connecticut

02:19 PM ET

Gil - I love these sessions - very interesting, very informative. My question is, which of the rookie WRs will have the greatest impact in their first season? Which team's system is the best for grooming WRs?


Gil Brandt, NFL.com

Thanks, Bob. I think the WR that has the chance to make the biggest impact is Brian Robiskie, the 36th player taken in Round 2 by the Cleveland Browns. Robiskie has been around the pro game for years, since his dad is a long-time NFL coach. And Brian is a pretty good player in his own right.






About Gil Brandt of NFL.com:

As vice president of player personnel for the Cowboys from 1960-89, Gil Brandt helped Dallas grow into one of the most powerful and popular sports franchises in America.

His innovative management and personnel systems are standard operating procedure today for many teams at the professional and collegiate levels nationwide.

Brandt has spent the last eight years as NFL.com's main personnel guru and offers insight and commentary on all aspects of players and teams.

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Yeah the STO browns report said Robiskie was looking very good.


Now all we need is Hubbard to beat out Royal and Heiden. I think he can be really good. Loosing Kellen is gonna hurt us alot. The reason why our recievers were open in the slants, posts, and ins was due to Kellen taking up at least 1 lb and a safety. Hopefully hubbard can do well early and draw some coverage, that way Robiskie and Edwards can really light it up

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I have little doubt that robo was the best WR selection in the draft and will impact our passing game immediately regardless of who is under center as for handless hubbard or slippery fingers sanders..both these guys have every possible tool except the one they need the most...hands..;)

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