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The big stupid lie


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This is the new slue against people who won't agree with one of the left's


most desperate pleas for power over and allegience from...people.



If we won't drink the mmgw kool-aid and be afraid to question it...


we are "rejecting science".


Surely this comes out of Algore's soon-to-be-a-globalwarming billionaire's


big stupid mouth.


Why is it that a lot of the scientists are now coming out against the


claim that global warming is caused by man?


It not solar flares a topic to be deserved of the science label?


Seems that leftists keep using words to manipulate, regardless of the


lack of logical, even lack of legitimate reasoning. They attempt to manipulate


people to their causes (which all pertain to telling other people to let them rule),


on a "the end justifies the means" basis.


Like, Heck agreeing with his candidate for president lying about his belief


about a certain subject. To some libs, lying is great because it can get


you what you want.


Then to turn around and be indignant, because other people tell the truth


about what they believe, if it doesn't jive with how those libs believe.


So, between lying and cherry picking science, there is plenty of evidence


that they cannot be sincere about claiming anti man made global warming


folks are "rejecting science".


But, it's a manipulative lever, so they do it anyways.


What is it anymore? "Those who dishonestly manipulate others win the prize" ???


When did honestly trying to ascertain the truth on an issue go by the wayside?


Oh, but it's the "right" that is polarizing. Oops, "there they go again."





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