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Duke PG/douchebag Greg Paulus to play QB ay Syracuse

Guest mz.

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One, as a SU fan, we need something to get excited about, with our new coach Doug Marrone seeming like Greg Robinson clone and two, he was national player of the year in 2004, so he's automatically the second-most talented football player on our team, after my mancrush, of course...

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Guest Aloysius

...I'm confused. Do you love or hate the move?


I just have a hard time seeing Paulus get his body and mind football-ready that quickly. Seems more like an apprenticeship for a practice squad spot in 2010 than an actual way to turn around Syracuse's program. Unless Ryan Nassib totally sucks (which is entirely possible), I think the way to build would be to give the young QB some time on the field.


Anyway, I hope it works out for you guys. The more exciting Cuse's offense is, the more time I'll spend watching their games, which means more Arthur Jones. I'll try to not let my love for Ndamukong Suh turn me against your hubby.

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